31st December Women’s Movement Dissolves Mrs. Rawlings Led Caridem Board

04 December 2017
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31st December Women’s Movement Dissolves Mrs. Rawlings Led Caridem Board

Interim Management Committee (IMC) of the 31st December Women’s Movement (31st DWM) has dissolved the CARIDEM board.

The decision follows adoption of a resolution at the Movement’s Extra Ordinary Congress held in Accra on 4th October, 2017, which elected a 25-member IMC led by Madam Cecilia Johnson with representatives from all the regions.

The IMC is mandated to issue financial statements of the movement from the year 1998 to the date hereof prepared to assess the viability or otherwise of the corporate status and projects of the 31stDWM in the future

In a letter dated 22nd November, 2017 addressed to Mrs. Peace Aryee and also copied to Mrs. Dr. Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings and Mrs. Silvia Ahorlu, under the heading , Termination of Your Appointment as Board Secretary to Development Company Limited and the Dissolution of the Board of Directors of CARIDEM Development Company Limited, the movement informed the former of the termination of her appointment as secretary to the CARIDEM Development Company Limited Board.

It states, “Notice is hereby given to you that with immediate effect your representation as secretary to the board of CARIDEM is terminated. You should hand over all records and Board minutes in your possession to the IMC within 21 days upon receipt of this letter.”

“Notice is hereby given that the board of directors, CARIDEM Development Company Limited, is dissolved with immediate effect accordingly by the IMC.

That 31st December Women’s Movement is a non-governmental Organization established under the laws of the Republic of Ghana as a Company Limited by GUARANTEE under the company’s code (Act 179)

The IMC stressed that the 31st DWM is a SOLE Beneficiary of All the Assets of Caridem Development Company Limited established as an Investment (Commercial) Company and that congress has elected an interim management committee to manage the operations.

Members of the 31st Women’s Movement across the country have lately agitated for accountability from the leadership since 1998 following media publications of an alleged name change by Mrs. Rawlings and climaxed their actions with an Extra Ordinary Congress that saw the election of an IMC to adopt measures to retrieve resources to advance the movement.

In a similar letter to the Managing Directors of Both Nsawam Cannery Products Company and Calf Cocoa International Company Limited, the IMC directed that all correspondence be directed to them with immediate effect.

The 31st December Women’s Movement owns 90% of Nsawam Cannery Products Company and 100% of Calf Cocoa International Company Limited.

We the members of the 31st December Women’s Movement, a non-governmental organization, established under the laws of Ghana as a COMPANY LIMITED BY GUARANTEE under the company’s code 1963 (ACT 179), at our extra ordinary Congress Meeting on the 4th of October, 2017, in Accra, Ghana, have considered and improved the following resolution and adopted by the congress as follows:

  1. To assess the viability or otherwise of the corporate status and projects of the 31st December Women’s Movement in the future
  2. To elect an Interim Management Committee (IMC) to manage the affairs of the movement in the Interim
  3. To authorize the Interim Management Committee to undertake the following biasness
  1. To cause financial statements of the movement from the year1998 to the date hereof prepared.
  2. To appoint external auditors to audit the financial statements of the movement from 1998 to date hereof, and determine their remuneration.
  3. To appoint valuers to gather, and value all movable and immovable properties of the Movement and determine their remuneration.
  4. To appoint legal advisers to oversee all legal affairs of the movement in the Interim, and determine their remuneration
  5. To authorize the reimbursement of all audited expenses made by individual members in connection with the organization of the present congress and all other expenses approved by the IMC.


Interim Management Committee

  1. Hon. Mrs. Cecilia Johnson - Chairperson
  2. Hon. Sherry Ayittey - Vice chairperson
  3. Mrs. Victoria KumaMintah - Secretary
  4. Sarah Yeboah - Executive member
  5. Theresa Ainoo-Ansah -Executive member



  1. Grace AboagyeYeboah
  2. Veronic Antwi Adjei



  1. Rejoice Kasu
  2. Evelyn Goni



  1. Happy Amegashie
  2. Lucy Bebli



  1. Aba Edusah
  2. Kate Amegashie



  1. Olivia YahayaMensah- Sarbah
  2. Mary Nakobu



  1. JosphineAmo
  2. Emma Cudjoe



  1. Lucy Addai
  2. Grace Boachie



  1. Stella Ansah
  2. Helena Darkwa



  1. MbeidaZakaria
  2. SaadieGbolo



  1. Paulina Ayeebo
  2. Grace Awampaga

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