4 Ways Traditional Marriage Ceremony In Ghana Has Totally Changed

07 December 2017
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4 Ways Traditional Marriage Ceremony In Ghana Has Totally Changed

The way traditional marriage ceremony is conducted in Ghana follows samilar pattern. With time, certain aspects of the event has been altered.

Here are 4 ways the ceremony changing
As custom demands and for a long while traditional wedding ceremonies were held and are still being held in the bride's father's house. It didn't matter the type, size and location of the house, the ceremony could not be held anywhere apart from his house. For a more sophisticated venue, young couples have now resorted to organising the traditional marriage ceremony in hotels and event houses.

Gifts for guests now include rubber buckets for bathing, huge water storage containers, plastic tables, yards of African prints and branded souvenirs. It's a well-known fact that guests are given gifts to take home as a way of appreciation. Hitherto, these gifts were simple items like salt, canes, a pack of matches, broom and a hand fan for cooking. Jump forward 2017, couples are overburdened with items to be gifted guests.

Bride price -
People who married earlier, say in the 90's didn't have to worry about bride price. The list of items to be bought, were very minimal as parents of the bride demand a few items and some small cash. These days, items demanded as bride price are often hefty scaring young men away from marriage, people say.

Attire for the ceremony - Not too long ago the couple rocked just a single attire each throughout the ceremony. Well that seems to have changed as some brides take to wearing between 2 or 3 different outfits before the ceremony ends.

Appeal for funds -
It is not uncommon to get financially drained as a guest at a traditional marriage ceremony these days. MCs solicit for funds for the couple almost turning the event into a fundraising one. Initially, the only way money is garthered for a couple was through silver collection. Currently, MCs have resorted to employing tactical and varying skills to scoop money for the couple often assuming an embarrassing dimension.


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