Modern Technology destroys Societies

03 August 2017
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Modern Technology destroys Societies

The Electoral Commission Member in Kenya responsible for the upcoming election and its secure electronic transmission to Nairobi Headquarters, was found murdered in the streets of the country.

USA and UK are mandated to assist in the investigation of the case. December 2007 election Kenya had seen into 2008 over 1000 deaths and approx. 250.000 misplaced people. Under the current circumstances, people leave their homes fearing possible violent occurrences after the new election.

The December 2016 Election results in Ghana were electronically changed and the elections in USA are as well under investigation whether or not Russia had manipulated the outcome of the election results besides the latest scandal in Venezuela’s Assembly Election in which 1 Mio. votes were added to the real picture accordingly to the London based software company that was mandated since 2004 to handle the elections in the country.

In Hamburg/Germany, 10 years ago the suggestion was raised to use electronic pens when making the cross on the ballot paper which would make the counting process easier and the transmission to the EC Headquarter (Wahlbuero) faster. After long and intensive discussions, the people involved refused the idea and decided for the good old work of counting the votes by hand and transmit the results via common phone lines or their own private mobile phones.

While internet transmission can be tempered with, using phone lines from various places to the EC Headquarters and identifying the voice of the President of a Polling Station with the possibility to interact with him on the figures given to ensure they are credible and correct leaving space for a central recount days after the election to verify finally the results given to the EC Headquarter, is a very secure way to ensure a correct election.

Private companies and Media Houses are capable to bring out predictions one minute after closing of the election time that are in a much tied reality reflection of the voters will. Few hours down the line, the EC Commissioner declares the final results.

In Africa, Media houses have the capacity to learn from their counterparts in the developed world as this is not rocket science, but copying proceedings by which election results in Africa would find it harder to be altered to the wish of financially rich Parties to change figures in their favour on the internet transmission from the Polling Station to the EC Headquarter. As much as modern Technology can be made more advanced and secure, on the dark side of society people work even harder to overcome the new hurdle before them and eventually crack the system. Papers cannot be changed that way and phone calls from over 1000 Polling Stations –like in Hamburg- cannot be manipulated.

Elections in a democratic setting is crucial for the sanity of the political process and an important element of political stability. Where even developed country have problems with electronic elections or/and refuse such steps, how much do developing countries in political insecure environment have it. This opens the door to the idea that the Political Parties embrace the modern technology for the only reason as they know how easy a declared “secure” system in the end can be hacked and tempered with or Officials simply get killed and taken out of the picture.

While many people have become Technology addicted it is a matter of wisdom to step back and look in instances when technology is assisting mankind, and when the disadvantages are greater that the possible benefits.

NB: the opposition leader in Zambia, few weeks ago, was jailed for having overtaken with his motor caravan the one of the President while heading towards the same venue allegedly wanting to endanger the life of the man in power. What simply was a slow car being overtaken by a fast car was/is the cause of legal battle. Politics in Africa is a matter of Life or Imprisonment; to survive is by God’s grace, not by certainty. And we white people are so stupid to pay for such African nonsense…we must stop it!

Author: Dipl.-Pol. Karl-Heinz Heerde, Sakumono, Tema West, Ghana, phone +233(0)265078287,, 02.07.2017


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