Blame game upside down

14 August 2017
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Blame game upside down

1492 the Portuguese were landing on the shores of today’s Ghana territory, colonized the people, took their natural resources, left the place for the Danish and subsequently to the British before getting its Independence on 06.03.1957.

For thousands of years Africa was in culture and sciences far ahead of the White Man in Europe and Asia which can still be researched today in the most beautiful archives of Mali with dusted sciences books and in the master pieces of golden items of the Ashanti Kingdom on display in the Manhyia Palace in Kumasi, no longer crafted today in Ghana as the Republic of Ghana ships out Gold and gets back golden wedding rings from Dubai and Asia.

While the tribes in Ghana were in opposition to the Asantehene (today the Golden Stool is occupied by Otumfo Osei Tutu II), the most powerful King in the region of the Ashanti Kingdom covering vast parts of West-Africa beyond today’s borders of the Republic of Ghana, hiding increasingly minded gold from him, Gold trade came to an all-time low. The Asantehenes were in need for high income to protect their power and turned to slave trade selling their fellow countryman to the White Man waiting at the coast line to buy them in their numbers (the rest is truly sad history).

While papyrus in Egypt, written words and sophisticated languages, besides law systems (Babylon – today’s Iraq - 800 years B.C. had the oldest known law book crafted into a black stone still in existence) and advanced political structures were beautiful and state of the art, Europe and Asia had seen people jumping from tree to tree hiding in caves at nights. Mali’s doctors were called to the Pharaohs of Egypt to heal them as they did not trust their own “simple” doctors. Ethiopia has one of the oldest Christian congregations with a vast, beautiful history of great civilization outstanding to anything ever visible in Europe at the same time.

The Portuguese and other Europeans in 1000 A.C. and thereafter sitting in their corners looking over the ocean around them asked themselves: ”Beyond what we can see, the waters, possibly we will find other countries, people and cultures we can do business with, take natural resources for ourselves and expand our powers in this world against our Spanish enemies. For that we need strong ships, not like for fishing vessels on our lakes; and as certainly these civilizations would be hostile against us, we have to advance our weapons and technology to be victorious in battles against them.” This idea triggered a century’s long process of invention, hard work to progress. The White Man in those days did not know anything about the Black Man, the Yellow Man (Chinese) or the Red Man (Native Americans). Those days had seen a plane playing field for White Man and Black Man alike.

The question arises, while the White Man got ready to embark on dangerous and uncertain journeys around the world landing half way to Asia on African shores (at the same time also South Americas taking Gold from the Mayas and Incas), why did the Black Man not even come to the same idea, even before the White Man, and set sail to come to him in the first place and capture him as slaves taking his resources, killing him in their numbers and dominating his countries with sophisticated weapons and battle strategies as no outside force had every tried to stop any of such ideas; in those days in particular?

Natural Rubber grows in Africa (also South America and Asia) but not in USA. It was Charles Goodyear (USA) that invented the rubber boots and rubber tires we need for bicycles and cars…guess what, in USA rubber trees do not grow for a fact! In Switzerland Lindt (Lindt & Spruengli) invented the Conche method to make chocolate taste so smooth in the mouth…cocoa beans do not grow in Switzerland, but the best come from Ghana, West-Africa!

Joseph got imprisoned in Egypt by his brother’s evilness and false rape allegations, yet in the power of the Pharaoh imposed on him in his dark cell no hardship ever endured was able to bring his mind away from GOD and his glorious, victorious future making him over time the Prime Minister of Egypt to save Millions of people from starvation. No military force, no torcher can stop the mind from thinking the way a human wants to think about himself, others and the future ahead of him. The world we live in is first and foremost the world in us that projects itself to the outside world and is empowered by that process to improve on a man’s capacity and capability to increase his greatness (unlike Karl Marx’s believe in his book of Communism “The Capital”).

When the mind is set for thinking poverty, egoism and greediness, progress is made over him by people that have the progressive mindset and the ability and insight about the power that is invested in him to dominate others and the world. Human beings, in their very nature, are egoistic, either in a negative or positive fashion, but we all are. In Africa egoism is seen in the leadership of the countries and as the leaders are fellow African citizen, a reflection of the mindset of most of Africans. The egoism of the White Man is driven by the insight once he makes others happy (to solve his fellow citizen’s problems), it will reflect positively back to him, the driving force behind inventions in politics, culture and the economy.

History of mankind has demonstrated again and again that in fact the Black Man is supposed to be dominating the White Man and GOD had given him all necessary natural resources to do so, yet the youngest history has catapulted the White Man above the Black Man, financially, politically and culturally. This world is unstoppable as the human mindset cannot be imprisoned by any forces except one’s own.

As GOD, and for that reason history, has mandated the Black Man to rule the world, he still has to struggle to overcome his misery created for himself for many more generations to come, yet the dramatic increase in population will not only be a possible tragedy for him and the rest of the world, but when understood and seen rightly, a historic chance to push back the White Man into his rightful place in a fair manner to have a very positive human to human working relationship.

Africa: it is now your chance, GOD is opening doors for you but he is –unlike the devil that works daily- working with time. When you miss it, he will once again put someone in charge over you to make this world run well for him and your victory will be delayed.

PS: Why does a White Man have to tell you this?

Author: Dipl.-Pol. Karl-Heinz Heerde, Sakumono, Tema West, Ghana, phone +233(0)265078287,, 12.08.2017


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