Witches in a White Man’s world or The Judas you sleep with

16 August 2017
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Witches in a White Man’s world or The Judas you sleep with

Judas was Jesus Christ cousin close to him with the mandate, when the time had come, to betray him and hand him over to the Romans for crucifixion so that the prophecy of the bible would be fulfilled and man would be set free from sin and gain eternal life.

Jesus Christ had understood the importance of Judas for his destiny and was never afraid or worried about the man in the middle of his life.

Fetish priests and Witches run around Africa in their numbers, even entering Christian Churches with the intention to destroy church services and churches. Issues of the spiritual world, good or bad, are vibrant and prominent in African daily life as this world is foremost a spiritual realm before subsequently manifesting itself in the real world. Spiritual and financial poverty, alongside long standing tradition of JuJu masters in Africa, makes it a continent filled with many but stupid witches and wizards countless in numbers.

High intellect and money is a high hurdle for witches and wizards to overcome training the evil forces to be highly dangerous and sophisticated, yet small in numbers. Regardless of money, intellectual capacity and capability or moral status, no White Man is secured of attacks from inside his own family to destroy his life with lies and make the evil forces to be the head of the family. Such traditions of mental and financial poverty run in the blood of family generations and only walking with GOD will make a man the head of his family to demonstrate to all unbelievers, GOD is the Lord and not laying of cards in dark rooms with evil spirits spoken over them.

My own eldest sister Heidi Juergensen, a witch with cards in her hands, had pushed my late mother Ruth Willers in 2012 into her untimely death, a sick and vulnerable old woman, with the lie that I had stolen money from the old woman’s bank account, while in fact it was, and still is, invested in Government Bonds with Deutsche Finanzagentur and Fonds of Frankfurter Fonds Bank under the name of my ex-wife Emma Rebecca Awuor Heerde, born Jaoko and me for easier handling. My sister knew the close relationship I had with my mother but used my stay in Ghana to destroy it knowing 2 years down the line she would have exhausted her savings for which she would be asked to contribute to her living expenses as well, something she wanted to avoid at any cost.

Heidi Juergensen’s crusade to destroy my name with friends and business partners that she called mounted in her lies to say I was hiding in Hamburg and was seen by a reliable sources the weekend after my mother’s passing, Friday 20 September 2012, in Levantehaus in Hamburg City Center in companionship with Africans, while in fact that weekend I had moved with my wife from Hotel Nana Giymah at Circle in Accra to Executive Lodge in Greda Estate, that I was hiding in October 2012 in Germany, while I had never left Ghana, that I entered Ghana with a 60 day visa, yet I had a 90 day visa and after that a residence permit, that the home of my mother had paid me for having saved her Euros 1000, 00 which my sister Heidi Juergensen had allowed them to take from my late mother wanting to take me to court for my refusal, that I have arrest warrants against me even, to my best knowledge, I had never violated any German laws - besides other lies she put out. In a dream 2016 my mother came to me to assure me she now had known about the evil works of her eldest daughter to give my soul and heart rest.

My ex-wife, a Kenyan, had the intention to marry me as a bridge to enter Germany and get away from me as fast as possible, while for me it was pure love, blind love at the first sight…but she is my Judas, painful, yes, but the best that could have happen to me, the fulfillment of GOD’s promise to me. As she had joined hands with my sister Heidi Juergensen, they became a strong evil force, both strong Unbelievers, against me and GOD’s will in my life.

My ex-wife had cheated on me with another Hamburger and delivered a son in our marriage that was 6 months after his birth to be discovered not to be my son, yet I had paid for his coming to this world and had loved him like a son desired for years in my spirit and emotions. I became her enemy that she started to fight alongside my sister Heidi Juergensen and her new boy-friend, an old friend from Kenya that she had wanted in the first place and had used me to make it possible getting away from her German boy-friend, her son’s father over time that is today running around Hamburg as a mad man.

While my sister Heidi Juergensen had, in my absence, taken all my documents (University degree, patents, 13 book manuscripts etc., possibly today all destroyed by her) into her procession as inside she knew were proves against her, my ex-wife had taken all my furniture. My sister Heidi had asked me in my late 30’s over the phone to take my own life; her second husband Hans-Jürgen Juergensen – I have never ever interacted with him personally – wrote December 2015 in an eMail to me that the family wishes me to die in Africa being an evil man, yet I am still alive, strong and well and GOD made me sign a contract worth 1 Billion Euros the day I was informed the divorce from my ex-wife finally was declared legal in 2013 (to GOD be the Glory).

GOD knew my heart since I was born, even before that I never, ever in my whole life wanted to set foot on African soil, but live in UK and travel to Asia as Africa is too much of a troubled – black – continent. He used the Judas in my life, Emma Rebecca Awuor Heerde, to build a bridge for me to come to Africa, something I had refused and refused in my spirit and heart. He caused Judas to do what she had to do and pushed me into Ghana to find my real wife and destiny that is unfolding each day more and more. During my ex-marriage I was never able to write, once arrived in Ghana 3 months later I wrote my first book; 7 books (novels) to date, 170 articles plus a constitution draft for a new Ghana is in just over 5 years, an productive outcome besides the economic activities. And the witches in my family are destroyed and Judas has ended his assignment forever…what a great testimony GOD has given this world through what he had allowed to happen to me…and so many others as well!

In life it is all about hearing, seeing and so understanding that what seems today so hurtful, pains mind and heart, if believing the GOD’s work, will push anyone to his glorious destiny and not into early grave. Life with GOD is warfare – not easy but fulfilling - and Christians are called for daily battle with powerful Man of GOD by their side to assist; no matter how rich or intellectual someone becomes, a Man of GOD trusted and proven, must always be the “Manager” of anybody’s life. We Believers are only as strong as the opposition is in our immediate life. Always pray for your enemies to make YOU great and strong, the head and not the tail of your family, yet, as the bible mandates, someone has to separate himself from his own family – what I for myself had done since I think for myself.

GOD richly bless all of you forever and ever…Amen!

Author: Dipl.-Pol. Karl-Heinz Heerde, Sakumono, Tema West, Ghana, phone +233(0)265078287, karlheinzheerde@yahoo.de, 13.08.2017



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