Get Common Sense From The Library Because You Lack It - Shatta Wale To VVIP

29 November 2017
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Get Common Sense From The Library Because You Lack It - Shatta Wale To VVIP

Shatta Wale yesterday took a swipe at celebrated Ghanaian music group, VVIP, in a manner many have described as a total disrespect to the group made of Zeal, Prodigal and Reggie Rockstone.

In a Facebook Livestream, the self-acclaimed Ghana Dance-hall King severely warned Reggie of VVIP and Tic Tac to be careful how they deal with him Shatta.

“I don’t see VVIP as stars because they failed Ghana. They sold Ghana for cheap and that has affected the music industry."

"Look at Lazy who always wears people's village hat and will be making noise. Look at his beard like someone's village career. When I see such people behaving so foolishly, I feel sad for them," he said.

"They don’t understand the business of music and that is what I am fighting,” he added.

Shatta's attacks come from Reggie Rockstone's wading into the Shatta-Niaja controvery.

Earlier reports have also shown that all has not been okay between both camps for some time now.

In 2016, Shatta Wale announced a show on the Eid-ul-Fitr holiday at Nima, the same day VVIP also have their annual 'Sallafest' in the same area. Members of the group saw that as a sign of disrespect from Shatta Wale.

Then late April this year, Prodigal made fun of Shatta Wale during controversial acts 'beef' with Yaa Pono. Prodigal, in a minute video posted on Instagram, declared Shatta Wale loser of the beef which both saw artistes record 'diss' song for each other.

Prodigal said Pono has 'murdered' the dancehall king to mean that Yaa Pono floored Shatta Wale on his song. Shatta Wale has since not said anything about VVIP until now.

Other media reports captured Shatta Wale's comments to VVIP members act as “fool”. VVIP had not reacted as of press time yesterday, as efforts to reach them proved futile.


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