Police in Florida are now claiming that there is “absolutely no evidence” that the man in the picture above was beaten.

The success of Ghanaian industrialisation would have further cemented the fact that African countries did not necessarily need White rule to be successful.

Our sci-fi future just got a whole lot closer to becoming a reality, after the Food and Drug Administration gave the okay to a field trial that would release genetically modified Zika-killing mosquitoes in the Florida Keys.

Agroup of Ugandan women were flown out of Saudi Arabia this week by their government and returned home, after being victims of human trafficking, reports the BBC.

A Saudi preacher allegedly raped, tortured and murdered his 5-year-old daughter because he believed she wasn't a virgin.

An 8-year-old girl in Yemen died of internal bleeding on her wedding night after marrying a man five times her age.

At Ngoc Sinh Seafoods Trading & Processing Export Enterprise, a seafood exporter on Vietnam’s southern coast, workers stand on a dirty floor sorting shrimp one hot September day.

Dr. Robert Gallo, the scientist credited with ‘discovering’ the HIV virus in 1984, has admitted that he created AIDS in order to reduce the world’s population. 

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