Doctors in Kenya have accused UNICEF, the World Health Organization and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation of secretly trying to sterilize millions of women in Africa via a tetanus vaccine program. 

The United Nations has admitted responsibility for the 2010 cholera epidemic in Haiti which killed more than ten thousand people.

Wikileaks have released documents proving that Hillary Clinton took $100,000 of cash from a company she ran that also funded ISIS in Syria. 

The Turkish Constitutional court has lowered the age of consent to 12-years-old, prompting a dispute between Turkey and Austria after news of the decision was shown on tickers at Vienna’s international airport.

Bill Gates has said that the world needs to prepare for a future “war” against a global disease capable of killing over 33 million people in under a year. 

Alabama’s parole board decided against the former KKK member who was found guilty of killing 4 young black girls in a hate bombing at a church over fifty years ago.

“Greetings patriots,” right-wing activist and all-around bigoted Cracker-American Jim Stachowiak greets his mixed crowd of vapid idiots and people laughing at him in his August 14 video blog entry. As usual, this right-wing “Patriot” is proudly standing before his camera with his trusty penis enhancement (known by the ammosexual community as a “gun”). But instead of his usual anti-Islam rant and matching “Fuck Islam” t-shirt, viewers are treated to an image of the not-racist standing before them in a t-shirt reading “[Middle finger] Black Lives Matter.”

A YouGov poll found 43 per cent of Brits thought the British Empire was a good thing, while 44 per cent were proud of Britain's history of colonialism

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