The Outside Helper

03 February 2016
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The Outside Helper
The Outside Helper

Christians know without someone speaking into your life as an outside helper no progress can be achieved but a waste of precious life-time observed and painfully lived through.


Manchester United and Chelsea are in trouble, what are they doing? They look for outside Coaches from far away countries and new players injecting fresh, much needed blood into the team of players.

During World War I Lenin passed one secret day in a closed carriage through the territory of Germany to reach Moscow and start a revolution that changed world history and the fate of Millions. Katharina the Great, a German Royal, married Zar Peter I and embarked Russia on a journey of political clarity and expanding the country to be the largest in the world.

Lawrence of Arabia, an Officer of the British Army, helped the Arabs to overcome their differences and stand united against foreign interest and their attempt to be destructed by them.

Wernher von Braun, a German Scientist under Adolf Hitler, worked in the V2 rocket successfully only to be taken along with his 300 fellow scientist as Prisoners of War to USA in order to help USA in the race against the Soviet Union to have dominion over Outer Space and their Planets.

Charles de Gaulle spend long years in England to get prepared for a liberated France from Hitler occupation to form finally a European Union for ending countless wars on the European Continent with Robert Schumacher and Konrad Adenauer of former Nazi Germany as his allies.

Adolf Hitler, a Nobody and Austrian from Graz, helped the Germans to overcome their Traumata of World War I defeat and the humiliation their felt caused by the Allies leading subsequently to World War II.

Centuries later again foreigners, UK, USA, France and Soviet Union, helped the Germans to free themselves from the Horror Regime of Adolf Hitler who had made it from a Homeless Man and Bagger in the Streets of Munich to a Dictator that changed the face of this world forever.

Before a company collapses highly specialized Crisis Manager are called in with extensive power to perform a turn-around of the company in order to safe much needed jobs and hope for a better future. Once their job is done, other Managers take over and the Specialists move on to the next assignment carrying their Professionalism emotionless with them only be interested in the welfare of others by which they find their true fulfilment and destiny in life.

A Nation is not much different from a company or a Football Club, only slightly more complex. Braking down the complexity into a well-structured and executed action plan helps an outside helper to perform well and show results for the people he has to care for in the shortest possible time.

Where would this world be when we do not see the need for Helpers in our season of crisis? Joseph was a young talented Man chosen to rescue Millions of people in a time Pharaoh was seen by his Generation like a GOD himself. Joseph was not an Egyptian but so much needed by them and carried great honour on his shoulders.

Life-time that has passed by will never ever come back; what is gone is gone. We can only life today and with a wise mind create our future in which we can fulfill our destiny or die an untimely death as people and a Nation. When the wise man sees trouble ahead knowing he himself cannot overcome them by himself, he does not feel ashamed to call on a foreign helper to come to his aid. Only the foolish People allow themselves to be slaughtered by ignorance and neglect and steal GOD from performing his GLORY on earth.

The Prophet never means something in his own country. Remember what Ghana is asking GOD to do in its National Anthem and act accordingly.

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