'We Will Provide More Support For Women's Football' - Nyantakyi

01 December 2017
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'We Will Provide More Support For Women's Football' - Nyantakyi

The President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Mr Kwesi Nyantakyi has said that his outfit is committed to providing unflinching support to Women's Football in the country.

Speaking at a Press Conference on the final day of the GFA summit held in Cape Coast, to brainstorm on the way forward for the development of the sport, the President mentioned that, the GFA would continue to provide support for the Women's Football.

He said 'apart from Sanford World Clinics, GFA is the sole sponsor of Women's football in Ghana. We will continue to support Women's football at an enhanced level to give more meaning and support to Women's football'.

Mr Nyantakyi added that it would be proposed to the GFA Congress to create an additional slot on the executive committee exclusively for women's football.

'Even though Ms Linear Addy is the representative for women on the executive committee, she is there as a representative of the constituents body, so if the coaches or referees think that she is had enough of her tenure, they can ask her to step aside. This is an era that we have to encourage more women,' he stated.

Also, some key decisions taken by the Executive Committee of which some would be approved by Congress, the GFA President announced that Ghȼ20,000.00 would be rewarded to persons who report on bribery and match-fixing with evidence.

This move according to the GFA, would halt the rampant allegations of bribery and match-fixing in the Ghana Premier League (GPL) and also discourage people from engaging in the corrupt act.

'We're proposing a GHȼ20,000.00 prize money for anyone who comes forward to report any case of bribery with evidence, not just an allegation.

'If a referee is approached by a club official, we are encouraging them to come forward and report the club officials for the package,' he added.

On the Ghana Premier League and Youth Football, Mr Nyantakyi hinted that the Premier League Board would be restructured and also the GFA would strengthen and provide more competition for youth football adding that the national U15 competition would continue as a regional select side.

Mr Nyantakyi mentioned that every Premier League Club would be mandated to own an U-17 side next season and that would be part of efforts to fulfil the requirement of the Club licensing system and the U17 side of the club would play as a curtain raiser in League matches.

He also disclosed that the 10% revenue the GFA get from International player transfers and gate proceeds, there would be an agreement so the funds would be geared towards youth football development in the country.


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